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Bringing high-quality primary sector products to premium markets

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We improve farm returns & provide market access

How we can help –

Rautini was created to improve farm returns and provide market access through a trading house outlet for offshore projects and partnerships. We help farmers and primary processors to become established and flourish commercially.


Farmers & Funders

Rautini provides farmers and processors primarily in the Asia-Pacific Region the link to Aotearoa-New Zealand’s expertise for exceptional quality and food safety assurances for primary produce.

End Product Makers
& Sellers

Rautini provides makers and sellers of premium products within New Zealand, Australia, and the wider Asia-Pacific region with confidence and security regarding the traceability, quality, reliability, access, and distribution of primary produce.

Rautini Trading House

The Rautini Trading House offers commercial quantities of ethically grown and sustainable cacao and coconut products from within the Asia-Pacific region.

Empowering farmers and product makers with secure premium market access

Rautini has worked with and built relationships with a number of farms in the Asia-Pacific region as well as chocolate makers and other end product producers.

Our partners –
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Working with rautini

Rautini manages all aspects of the supply chain to ensure the highest possible return to indigenous farmers through secure premium market access.

Craft chocolate makers want a quality product with consistency...

Savaii Koko and Whittaker’s Single origin Samoa Chocolate...

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rautini take care of shipping?

Yes, but it is at an additional cost.

What is the minimum order size?

Due to the variety, each product has its own minimum order size. Please contact us for the minimum order size of the product(s) you're interested in.

How do I purchase from the Rautini Trading House?

Our Rautini team provides individualised support for each customer. Use our contact page to enquire about obtaining a product sample or purchasing a commercial quantity.