Climate smart agriculture

Farmers are essential in all societies for producing food, fibre, and helping to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. Despite this vital role, farming systems are coming under increasing stress from a range of negative influences, including climate change, an ageing workforce and competition for land use.

Rautini works with SPS Biota, an ecosystem services company that specialises in sustainable agriculture and forestry.  Rautini helps farms and catchment areas to deliver the Three Pillars of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) providing a pathway for achieving successful outcomes that balance environmental protection, food security and economic development.

Full Value Chain Development

A key partner of Rautini is Seedcore, Philippines who bring extensive experience in cacao and coconut growing, processing, large-scale tree propagation and market realisation. The two companies formed Narra Oceania, a joint venture which has taken on the rehabilitation and management of an Organic Cacao and Coconut Farm in Mindanao, that had fallen into disrepair. In addition to the farm improvement, the entire value chain and markets were developed.
  • Farm improvement and tree nursery management
  • Construction of processing facilities for cacao and coconut syrup
  • Value added product development for cacao and coconut
  • Market realisation

Biosecurity and Market Access

Rautini and its partners have built up a wealth of experience and expertise in the primary sector value chain. All of which had come from practical involvement in farming, environmental and forestry activities. In addition to our own programmes Rautini’s expertise is available via our consulting services.

Our proven track record specialises in:

  • Value chain development
  • Product realisation
  • Farm establishment and improvement
  • Certifications
  • Market access
  • Biosecurity
  • Processing facility construction (cacao and coconut syrup)
  • Climate smart agriculture
  • Traceability
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Working with rautini

Rautini manages all aspects of the supply chain to ensure the highest possible return to indigenous farmers through secure premium market access.

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